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Makeup Base: What? Where? When? Why? [English Version]

As many people might be wondering  what Makeup Base is for and how to use it, I am going to introduce  you this makeup item.

What is Makeup Base?
Makeup Base is cream-based with various usage qualities. Its primary purpose is to fix the fundamental makeup problems or to get your face prepared for the next steps of makeup. Mostly, it comes with the form of liquid, gel, cream or cream stick.
Many people have misunderstood that makeup base is for concealing. This is wrong and inappropriate.  This  is because the item itself does not contain the quality to conceal at  all. Instead, mostly, it is rather a technique to hide imperfections.
So, what are basic makeup problems?
Mostly, they are problems with skin tones such as redness, black spots, bruises, unsmoothed skin, dry skin and oily skin.
Now, it’s time to take a look at the variety of makeup base.
As available in the market, I would classify it into  3 major categories.  These are 1) to tone or lighten the skin 2) to smoothen the skin texture and 3) to add dimension or color to your skin

1 Makeup Base for skin tone adjustment

2 Makeup Base for smoothing  the skin texture     
•   Oily skin: Use oil-control makeup base. Do not apply all over face, only onto those greasy areas.
•   Dry skin: Use moisturizing makeup base. Apply on the areas where dryness or flakes appear.
•   Rough/wrinkled skin: Use makeup base with silicon ingredient to fill up the wrinkles.
•   Dehydrated skin: Use makeup base that will enable the longer stay and to tone the skin for makeup foundation.
•   Pore  skin: Use makeup base with silicon ingredient or delicate shimmers or  glitters to illuminate the skin tone which will help to hide the  imperfection.

3 Makeup Base for adding artifice on  the skin texture
•   Luminizer  : This item comes with the blend of glitters. It helps to brighten the  skin and illuminate the skin tone which helps hide the uneven skin,  pores and wrinkles. It is also used as a hi-lighter.
•  Bronzer: This item is in brown/gold/orange color with some blend of glitters. It enables more color and liveliness  with the look of sun-tanned skin
•  Color Tint : This item is in pink/red/orange. It is used to blush your cheeks for a healthy look.

Where to apply the makeup base?
Direct to the problematic spots.
With  the qualities of each makeup base as mentioned, we should pick the item  appropriately to our purposes and with the right amount onto the needed  areas only. For example, green makeup base is to be applied only on the blemished areas or on the redness at the sides of your nose.  Apply oil-control makeup base only on the T-Zone where the skin is greasy.

When to apply the makeup base?
Normally,  it is a must to fix your basic skin problem before wearing any other  makeup items; that is to apply makeup base after moisturizer and  sun-screen . Then, apply the makeup base on needed areas which means you  may use more than 1 makeup bases, depending on your problems.
The order of applying each makeup base is according to its usage, needed areas and the texture of the products.
Usage: ~~ Apply those which need some finger-force to spread over needed areas before those which requires brushes or repeated patting.
Needed areas:~~ Apply those used with the wide areas before spotted or small areas.
Product texture: ~~ Apply those which take time to absorb or difficult to apply first before others , just in case  you need to wipe out due to some mistakes.

Why makeup base? Is it that necessary?   
Because women are never satisfied with what we have or we are, it is not surprising why makeup bases are being sold well.
As we think that we have some imperfections, makeup base is the answer to those imperfections.
Actually,  the necessity of makeup base can be considered after finishing your  makeup. That is if you normally apply rather thick foundation on your  face and it can already disguise your redness, ask yourself if you still  need more cover from makeup base.  Or, for those who do  not like to wear thick foundation, makeup base might be helpful to tone  and fix your skin. Anyway, you have to weigh yourself whether it is  worth your budget to fix your skin imperfections with makeup base where  it may mean numerous steps for those with many problems.
Or,  if you are one of those who do have that many worries on your skin,  makeup base might not be necessary as it might not give outstanding  results. But makeup base can be a must item for those who need very neat  works such as makeup artists.
To make it short, individual needs and satisfaction will say whether makeup base is necessary.
Thank you my friend Jane T. for translating, very helpful.
For the original Thai Bog, please see at Makeup Base

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