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All about Makeup foundation [English Version]

I believe that you girls have all heard about makeup foundation. But today, you will learn more about this makeup item and the different qualities in each types of makeup foundation, including related tools to be used. At the end of this session, I will also give you some reviews on my current foundation items.

What is Makeup foundation?
Makeup foundation is the cream-based makeup item with the aim to smoothen and even your skin tone as well as hide some imperfections  with medium to high coverage. Normally, makeup foundation can be divided into 7 types and each has its own qualities as I am going to go into details now.

Each type of makeup foundation contains different textures of its ingredients which also means different qualities. The oil-based ones mean more concentration and high coverage while the water-based ones bring lighter feeling  when applied to your skin but can still give you moderate coverage. Or, those with aerated texture will bring very light touch and give sheer and natural coverage while the powder-based makeup foundation will contain loose texture for easier usage but they won’t stay long.
So,  I would recommend you to pick the right kind of foundation for the right occasions.

Apart from its concentration, their other differences are their textures when applied on the skin; that is whether they are matte, shiny or illuminating including the softness of the texture. You can choose from your personal preference or from the look  you need.

Another important factor to choose the correct foundation is to pick the color closest  to your skin color.  The technique is by taking enough amount of the foundation (the amount that  you think is enough for you to see) and put it on your jaw area. If it is the correct color, it will blend well with your natural skin color.  Remember that, normally, the color  of your face is lighter than that of your body. So if you don’t  want your face to be too light, you may choose the same color as that of your collarbone.  You can also adjust  the foundation color by blending some eye-shadow powder into your foundation to make it lighter or darker. Or, if you have bought the wrong color, you can use it as a highlighter in case it is too light or shading in case it is too dark.

Where to apply the makeup foundation?
You may be surprised if I tell you that it is not necessary to apply the makeup foundation all over your face. As I said, the main purpose of the foundation is to even the skin color and to hide the imperfection. So you can apply it only onto the needed areas. This will also work, especially with those who do not like the thick uncomfortable feeling of foundation. You can apply on the freckled or uneven areas only and leave the areas with no problems such as around your facial frame, eyebrows or eyelids. If you have some fault colors of foundation, either they are too light or too dark, you can use them to make more dimension on your face by applying the lighter one on the central area of your face and the darker one around the frame of your face. Then blend the colors smoothly.

When to apply the makeup foundation?
Apply the makeup foundation after moisturizer and sunscreen and Makeup Base (if available). You can apply the foundation more than once and even more than 1 type due to your need of coverage.
The order of applying each foundation is by its applying method, needed area and the product texture.
Applying Technique: ~~ apply those with the brush first and follow with those which you can use your fingers.
Needed area: ~~ start with the wide area first and then go focus on the spots.
Product texture:  ~~ apply the more concentrated ones before the lighter ones. Or start with the cream-based and water-based foundation first before the  foundation mousse and powder.

Why do need we makeup foundation?

We use makeup foundation to get the smooth and even skin. But is it a must item before every makeup?
The answer is no. You may decide due to the occasion.  For example, if it is your casual day and  you do not need to look that perfect, then a makeup base and loose powder will do. However, if it is your big day or  you need to look just perfect, then, makeup foundation with higher coverage may be the answer.

Makeup Foundation Tools and Techniques

This is a very basic tool which we all have. It is very easy to use and very efficient. We can use our fingertips with all types of foundation and it is very easy to control the thickness of the foundation on your face.
Application Motion: You can use your fingertips to dab (tap??) the foundation on your skin for more thickness and coverage. You can also use your fingertips for linear motion to get the sheer look with lighter coverage.

Sponge is used to equally spread and blend the foundation on the skin as well as help to pat the foundation well on the skin for better stay and to smoothen.
Selection: Use a sponge with dense texture as it will not absorb the makeup foundation and will help to plaster the foundation well onto the skin.
Application Motion: Apply the foundation on the skin with linear motion. Remember to move the sponge in the same direction as your hair; that is move outwards from the center of your face and downwards. You can dab to make the foundation stay longer and to give a smoother look of your facial skin.

Sometimes, we also use brushes to put on the foundation when we need equalize the thickness and texture of the foundation all over the face. Brushes are also considered quick application. Again, the criteria to choose appropriate brushes depends on the type of the foundation, your preference and your need of coverage. I would recommend 3 kinds of brushes.

⤑ Flat Synthetic Foundation Brush
This brush is designed for makeup foundation with its fine and smooth synthetic hair.
Selection: Choose the brush with very fine hair with delicate layers from the middle of the brush as it will help you to blend the foundation well onto your skin.
Application Motion: Apply with linear motion and to the same direction of the your hair;  that is move outwards from the center of your face and downwards. You can also dab the foundation on the skin with the brush if you need more thickness on particular areas.
Coverage: Use with the foundation with high coverage or concentration.
(Used For) Foundation Type: - Cream -Liquid -Tinted

⤑ Duo-Fiber Foundation Brush / Air Brush
This brush comes with 2 layers; the black animal hair at the lower part and the white synthetic hair at the upper part.
Selection: Choose the brush with good contribution of the hair; that you will be able to see clear and equal interval between each hair. The upper layer should be soft and the lower layer should be strong enough to hold the weight of the upper layer when pressing on the skin.
Application motion: Dab the foundation with the brush. Make sure the foundation are well tapped onto the flat-top of the brush. Then, pat the brush all over your face and move in narrow circular motion thoroughly. For the right half of your face, move clockwise and do it counterclockwise on the left half.
Coverage: Use with foundation with moderate or light coverage.
(Used For) Foundation Type: – Cream -Liquid -Tinted -Powder

⤑ Flat-Top Powder Brush
This brush is made flat-top with animal hair.
Selection: Choose the right size which is not too big or too small. Animal hair is qualified for its  softness which will not irritate the skin and is able to hold the powder on the brush.
Application Motion: Dab the brush with foundation. Make sure the foundation are well tapped all over its flat-top. Then pat the brush all over your face and move in narrow circular motion thoroughly. For the right half of your face, move clockwise and do it counterclockwise on the left half. For the foundation powder, spend more time with the circular motion to see the smoother result.
Coverage: Use with the foundation with high/concentrated coverage and moderate coverage
(Used For) Foundation Type: - Cream -Powder

The step of applying foundation is very important and quite time-consuming. Spend more time on this for better and outstanding result. I would not recommend you to ignore this step as it is the step that will get your skin  well-prepared with healthy look. With good foundation, it will facilitate the perfect makeup in the next steps.

Thank you, my friend “Jane T.” for translating, very helpful.
For the original Thai Bog, please see at Makeup Foundation

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