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Amazing Concealer [English Version]

I believe that once you get to know this makeup item, you will find it amazing and just can’t help falling in love with it. Well, of course, today I will introduce you the power of concealers and how they work!

What is the concealer?
A concealer  is a makeup item which is used to conceal or hide the imperfections on your face; either they are colored spots , pimples, freckles, or any other annoying spots on your face. A concealer offers you high coverage to all mentioned spots. Just like that in makeup foundation, the texture of concealers  can be found in many forms such as cream-based, water-based or powder. What makes a concealer different from the makeup foundation is the higher concentration of its pigments for higher coverage quality. The colors of concealers can be found in two shades.

1) Colored Concealer:  This is used when you want to hide your imperfections by applying the contrast colors to problematic areas. For example, yellow or white can brighten the dark skin, apricot can help to disguise the dark spot or bruises or traces of capillary while blue/green can hide the acne spot and purple can illuminate your skin. These colored concealers are used to apply before you apply any concealers or foundation of your skin tone. Or, to cover the imperfections at some extent so that it still leaves some natural look to the skin.

2) Skin-tone Concealer :  This kind of concealer  provides you with variety of color shades, ranging from lighter to dark colors, with high concentration for higher coverage. Thanks to the high innovation, today concealer can even give you as much as 100% coverage which means you may no longer need to use the colored concealers  on your face!
What’s more, with the various designs, you will find there are choices of concealers  you can choose from for easier usage. They come in the form of palettes containing choices of shades, pens, pencils,  and bottles with brushes. Choose the right concealer by considering its colors, its concentration and its texture.

Where to apply the concealer?
The right concealer for the right area.

We apply concealer  only to the needed spots or areas. In case you have some number of imperfection, here are some tips to choose the right concealer.  Consider the concentration of the concealer if you think of good coverage and consider the liquidness of its texture if you have concerns on the large area. For example, you may use high concentrated concealer  with quite solid texture to cover the small spots such as pimples or small scars. But, for those larger areas with freckles or dark sun spots, you may need a concealer with high concentration with rather liquid texture. For the dark circles under your eyes, you may need only moderate coverage with moderate concentration and liquid texture.
Modify the usage:  Do you know that  you can make various use out of your concealer for different purposes of coverage? If you need to use a more solid touch of concealer, you can just apply and leave it on your skin and wait a little longer until it is dry before you blend it on your skin. Or, you can give a more liquid touch to your concealer by blending it with your makeup base or tinted moisturizer. For more concentrated application, you just apply your concealer more than once at a place until it gives you a satisfactory coverage.

Tool :
The tools to be used with the concealer are:
1) Synthetic brush - choose the one with thin and flat hair to hold the concealer well. Normally, it comes with yellowish orange brush. Pick the correct size for needed areas. Usually, the brush is used on small areas or spots or when you need to blend the concealer evenly on the skin.
2) Fingers – use your fingers to blend the concealer on larger areas. Normally, fingers are used with a concealer with very high concentration.
3) Small brush handle – If you do not want to invest on the specialised brush, you can use the tip of any of your small brush handle to apply the concealer on the small spots and use your finger for smoother finish of your application.

The Step:

1) apply the concealer on the needed areas.
2) wait a little for the concealer to dry out a bit ( you may test by feeling the edge of you applied concealer)
3) Dab the concealer onto your skin softly. Start dabbing from the outer ring of the applied concealer and blend it inwardly. For very small or narrow areas, use your brush for better access.
4) Wait until the concealer dry well, then dab your fingers or sponge puff on the area to make sure that the concealer well stay on  your skin.

When? At what step of the makeup do we apply the concealer?
There is always a question whether we should apply the concealer after or before the foundation. Well, actually, both ways will do. Apply the concealer before the makeup foundation if  you do not have the concealer that fits to your natural skin tone. By applying the foundation later, you will get the coverage from the concealer and the proper skin tone from your foundation.  What you need to be careful is that the foundation used must not be too fluid since it will melt away your concealer.  But, if your needed areas do not need a concealer with the same color  with your skin, say you want to do some highlights on the areas, or you have the concealer that fits with your skin tone, then you can apply your concealer after the foundation.  Anyway, just make sure that  the color of your concealer is ligher than that of your foundation in case of highlighting and darker in case of shading.
You can apply your concealer more than once on the areas, depending on your need of coverage. The order to apply is considered by the tools, needed areas and the texture of the product.
Tools: ~~ apply those which is used with a brush before those with the fingers.
Area: ~~ apply on the larger area first before the smaller spots.
Texture: ~~ apply those with lower concentration first and if it does not give enough coverage, then apply the one with higher concentration over the areas.

Why do  we need the concealer?
Concealer is here to hide your imperfection for smooth and beautiful skin. It depends on your need of perfection which can vary in different persons. The more coverage means the more steps you will need in your makeup  as well as more money to invest. However, personally, I think  that if it is not the occasion that  we need  to look seamlessly perfect, then leaving some natural look on your skin wouldn’t be a bad idea.

“There are no absolute definitions for beauty” So make sure you  know what want!  Your ideas are mostly valued, don’t forget to share them with us!



Thank you my friend Jane T. for translating, very helpful.
For the original Thai Bog, please see at Amazing Concealer


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