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The story of Powder [English Version]

Powder has been introduced to us girls since we were babies. Today, I will introduce you to another kind of powder. The makeup powder. You will learn about the purposes, qualities, types of powder and tools to be used with.
What?  is the Makeup Powder?

Makeup powder that I’m going to talk about is delicate loose powder with no mixture of foundation. Its purpose is to make your face well set after applying any oil-based or cream-based products.  Makeup powder will make those applied items to stay on your skin

Type: there are 2 types of powder.
1) Loose powder : loose  delicate grain of powder, normally in a container.
2) Pressed powder: powder pressed in a flat case.

Texture:There are 3 kinds of powder texture which are:
1) Matte powder: powder that has the pure powder ingredient  which gives a non-shiny matte natural look to the skin.
2) Shimmery powder: powder that has the blends of shimmers which illuminates the skin and gives shimmery look.
3) Bronzer powder: powder that has darker color or natural color with brown or gold or orange shimmers. It gives the sun-tanned look with liveliness.

Color: There are 2 kinds of powder color  which are:

1) Translucent powder: This kind of powder comes with light-weighted loose grain of powder. Nornally, it is in beige or  white color and is used to give the natural look of skin texture. Translucent powder is efficient in keeping the original skin color after applying makeup foundation and other cream-based items. So, translucent powder is suitable for those who like the natural look of both the skin color and texture as well as those who cannot find the powder with the right color to their skins.

2) Skin-tone powder: This kind of powder has various shades  from light to dark colors and the pigment can vary due to different brands. Its purpose is not only to set your skin but also to smoothen the skin texture which will require quite a large amount of powder that translucent powder cannot provide as it will over-brighten the skin. Its second purpose is widely used in theatre or performance makeup or when you need to neutralise the skin texture when facing strong light. This purpose will bring sort of unnatural look due to lack of natural dimension.  If you want your skin texture to look natural, use it carefully with appropriate amount.

When using powder, choose out of the purpose with appropriate color, type and texture.

Which powder for which area?

We can apply the powder all over our faces but remember that powder with shimmers will give somewhat shiny look as it illuminate the skin. So it is recommended to use the shimmery powder with only the central area of your face with appropriate amount. You do not need to apply the shimmery powder all over your face especially those whose faces are quite big since it will even widen your faces and those with oily skin should be careful not to apply on the T-Zone.
Bronzer powder should be used with the cheekbones  or the cheeks. Do not apply bronzer powder all over the face as it will darken your skin. 


When to apply powder?
Normally, we apply powder in 2 occasions.
1. For setting after applying foundation: This is to set the foundation and cream-based products well on your skin.
2. For finishing makeup: This is to reduce shine which occurs during other previous steps of makeup. You can also use more than 1 type of powder due to your need. The order of applying different types of powder depends on their textures which can be considered as following.

Type of powder:  ~~ Start with the loose powder before applying the pressed powder.
Texture: ~~ if you need shimmery look, apply the matte powder first and follow with the powder with shimmers. But if you want to look matte, you can apply the matte powder later in order to give the natural touch or reduce the gloss on your face.
Area: ~~ Apply on the large area first and then follow with the needed spots. For example, apply the matte powder all over the face first and then apply the shimmery powder on the cheeks.

Why do  we need powder?
Many people hold a fault belief that powder is to cover imperfection. This is not actually right. If we do need to give some coverage to our skin, it is recommended to use makeup foundation and concealer  which also come in the form of powder for easier application. We call such products ‘Two-way or foundation pressed powder’.  But for the powder itself,  it is actually to set the makeup on your face for longer stay.  This is very essential if  you live in the rain-forest climatic zone as oil will be produced on your skin often during the day. But if you live in a dry and cool place, then this step can be exempted.

   Makeup Powder Tools and Application

Powder Puff
Powder puff is used to firmly set the powder on your face
and also absorb oil from your face.
: a puff with equally-short length fluff will help to
smoothly apply the powder onto your skin.
The filling of soft sponge will help to reduce the pressure from your hand
or fingers so that you will get the right amount of powder on your face.
Application motion: Gently dab the puff onto your skin to set the powder
for long stay.
Coverage: medium to high coverage.
Fan Brush
A fan brush is made from animal hair in the shape of a fan.
It is used to brush away the excess powder on the skin or
to brush with small amount of powder for a light touch.
Selection: Use a brush with sparse light-weighed thin hair as
it is more efficient to apply powder without leaving any excess on the skin.
Application Motion: To apply powder on the skin or to brush away the excess. Apply with linear motion in the same direction of hair; that is outwards from the center of your face and downwards.
Coverage: light coverage
Powder Brush)
Powder brush looks like the shape of a big round dome
and is used to apply the powder onto the skin.
Selection: Use a big-sized brush with light-weighted, soft and delicate hair
to smoothly apply the sheer amount of powder.
Application Motion: Apply with linear motion in the same direction of hair;
that is outwards from the center of your face and downwards.
Or apply with circular motion all over the face.
For the right half of your face, move clockwise and
do it counterclockwise on the left half.
Coverage: light to moderate coverage
Kabuki Brush
Kabuki brush is in the shape of wide round dome with a short handle.
Selection: Choose the brush with soft hair to smoothly apply the powder
with sheer amount.
Application Motion: Tap the brush with powder on the skin
and then move in a circular motion thoroughly.
For the right half of your face, move clockwise and
do it counterclockwise on the left half.
Coverage: light coverage.
Flat-Top Powder Brush
This brush is made from animal hair with a flat top.
Selection: The brush should not be too big or too small with moderate roughness of its hair so that it can hold the powder well while still maintaining the softness for your skin.
Application Motion: Make sure the flat top of the brush is thoroughly filled with powder before patting all over your face. Then move in circular motion.
Again, for the right half of your face, move clockwise and
do it counterclockwise on the left half.
Coverage: medium to high coverage.

Powder is considered one of very essential items for us girls so it is advised that you pick the right type of powder for the right occasion.

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Thank you my friend Jane T. for translating, very helpful.
For the original Thai Bog, please see at The Powder

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