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Flawless Face in Action [English Version]

We have already learnt all about the theory in the 4 previous lessons in the Makeup Master Class which are

Today, I’m bringing you into my workshop so that you will have a clearer picture for your own application.

I will start from the makeup base which is the item that helps to primarily prepare our facial skin. Again, don’t forget to pick the right makeup base for your purpose and apply it with an appropriate amount onto the needed areas only. In the workshop, I will pick my makeup base which has the quality of oil control and the one that help to smoothen my skin.
The next step is makeup foundation to even and smoothen the skin tone as well as cover the imperfections in moderate to high level. In this workshop, my purpose is not to look at the item itself but will demonstrate how to use each application tool I have introduced to you. You will learn how to use duo-fiber brush, foundation brush, your fingers and the sponge.

Concealer  is applied next to conceal the problematic spots such as pimples, dark and red spots including other imperfections such as sun spot or freckles. I will show you how to pick different concealers and how to apply them on different areas. There are 4 colors which I have picked today which are:
1) beige : to conceal the dark circles under the eyes,
2) green: to cover the red spot on the nose sides,
3) yellow: to highlight on the cheek lines and
4) dark brown: to give some shading for the effect of smaller look of the face.

And the last step is to apply the powder which will help to make all the applied cream-based or oil-based items to stay on the skin. I will show you how to use each application tool  which are powder brush, puff, fan brush, flat-top powder brush and Kabuki brush.
In this workshop, I will focus mainly on how to use each application tool. You will find out how to pick the right products to fix your imperfections in my following lessons. In the next workshops, I will have some guests with me to show you how to deal with :
-  serious problems with the dark circles under the eyes,
- red spots from acne inflammation,.
- problems with big pores, and
- sun spots and freckles that cover large area

Always remember that this steps are essential to prepare your facial skin for the next steps of makeup as they will make it easier to apply any other makeup items.

Learn to bring out your true beauty creatively and do not forget to share your tips with us. For any suggestions, experiences or questions you would like to share or you just simply find the lesson helpful,  please press your Like button and visit me at my Facebook page LikePuyisme. Your support is highly valued.